2 March 2022

VIMA welcomes new Junior Consultant

Olivia Studley

We are thrilled to announce that Olivia Studley has joined us as Junior Consultant.

Upon completing her BA in Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship from Oxford Brookes University in 2021, Olivia has previously enjoyed a client-facing role within project delivery and coordination, specialising in the retail and construction industry. Olivia used this time to expand upon theories and approaches she had learnt at university to build some of her first professional rapports with high-level clients. Despite her short career, Olivia has gained a reputation for being a proactive and determined driver of implementation, often overcoming barriers of both her gender and her age. Olivia is extremely excited to join VIMA in the hope of offering her entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to learn and develop within the defence industry.

On her appointment, Olivia said, “I am thrilled to be joining VIMA group at such an exciting time for the business and everything its capabilities has to offer. I am very much looking forward to growing alongside a company that is not only investing in their professional work but also into their employees, allowing myself to be nurtured in an environment where personal development is actively encouraged.”.

Outside of work, Olivia has a passion for the arts, most notably, learning and teaching dance techniques. Olivia also enjoys using her eye for detail within the fashion industry to communicate the latest trends and styles to followers of her social media pages. She is also a keen cook and takes pleasure in replicating recipes she has found when travelling abroad.

“It’s always great to welcome someone as enthusiastic as Olivia to VIMA. Regardless of her age and experience, Oliva possesses drive, motivation, and openness. Armed with these she is sure to develop quickly. I’m sure she will excel at VIMA.”

Samuel Crowder, Head of People & Organisational Development

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