10 January 2022

VIMA welcome new Chief Commercial Officer

Dominic Eade

We are thrilled to welcome Dominic Eade, who is joining the Board of Directors as Chief Commercial Officer.

Dom has over 20 years of experience across the Secure Government and IT sectors. Originally a business consultant, Dom has held senior roles in both sales and delivery and joins VIMA, having run a sizeable business in the Secure Government sector for the previous four years.

On his appointment, Dom said, “I am very excited to join the team at VIMA Group. It is not understating it to say that the opportunities for this business – and more importantly, everyone within it – are huge, and I hope to be part of making that happen.”  

Outside of work, Dom has a wife and two daughters, a daft dog, an old cat, two pairs of skis, a tennis racket and very little free time.

“Dom has had an outstanding career to date and I’m absolutely delighted he has decided to join VIMA Group at such an exciting time in our journey. Dom brings extensive experience of transformation delivery in Secure Government and excellent business relationships with a large number of Secure Government clients and industry partners. Dom has many brilliant ideas and I look forward to working with him and the team to implement them!“

Dean Taylor, CEO of VIMA Group

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