3 May 2022

VIMA Group signed the Armed Forces Covenant

VIMA Group re-signed the Armed Forces Covenant last Friday, April 29th to renew our commitment and support for the Defence community.

Last Friday, April 29th at our Bristol Office, we held the Armed Forces Covenant signing ceremony to show our support for the Defence community. Lt Col Alex Ficke from Bristol UOTC was the Armed Forces signatory alongside Dean Taylor, VIMA Group CEO. Also present was Emily Kadoch, the Wessex RFCA Employer Engagement Director.

Currently holding the Bronze Employer Recognition Scheme Award, VIMA has submitted its application for the Silver ERS Award, which we hope to obtain shortly.

VIMA values the unique relationship we have with both serving members of the Armed Forces and veterans and recognises the contribution that serving personnel, reservists and military families bring to our business. We will seek to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, by:

• Promoting the fact that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation in recruitment and marketing campaigns;

• Actively encouraging Veterans and Reservists to apply for vacancies;

• Seeking to support the employment of veterans young and old and working with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), to establish a tailored employment pathway for Service Leavers;

• Being proud sponsors of the British Forces Resettlement Services career fair;

• Striving to support the employment of Service spouses and partners;

• Offering flexibility in granting leave for Service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner’s deployment;

• Seeking to support our employees who choose to be members of the Reserve forces, including by accommodating their training and deployment where possible;

• Operating ‘return to work’ and ‘aftercare’ processes to support Reservists following demobilisation;

• Providing Reservists with an additional 10 days paid leave, specifically to enable them to attend their annual camp;

• Ensuring there is no loss of continuous service or service-related benefits for employees mobilised for Reserve Service;

• Offering support to our local cadet units, either in our local community or in local schools, where possible;

• Actively encouraging our suppliers to consider giving their support to the Armed Forces Covenant, Wessex Reserve Forces, and Cadets Association and the ERS Award Scheme;

•  Aiming to actively participate in Armed Forces Day.