14 July 2021

VIMA welcome new Business Development Manager

Oliver Organ Headshot

We are pleased to announce that Oliver Organ has joined us as a Business Development Manager.

Ollie has joined VIMA Group as Business Development Manager for Defence Digital. He has spent his career in sales and marketing, building brand awareness and developing client relationships in the Defence sector. He is driven by the desire to help clients identify and solve problems with tailored, innovative and cost-effective solutions.  

Ollie is the Industry Chair for the Team Defence – Vanguard group, where he has the lead on a number of projects for the Sustainability Workstream, such as an ICT Circular Economy White Paper for Defence Digital and the first Defence Sustainability Conference. 

On his appointment, Ollie commented, “I am delighted to join VIMA Group. The passion and enthusiasm of the team and their focus on people match my enthusiasm for getting to the heart of the client’s problem and developing solutions that are effective and sustainable”. 

Ollie spends his spare time using the skills he has developed working for SMEs to help community organisations in Gloucester with business process, accounting and grant writing support. 

Headshot Dean Taylor CEO

”Defence Digital is a key client for VIMA and I’m delighted we have Ollie joining to support our digital transformation work with them. Ollie’s professional and pleasant style and experience of working within Small and Medium sized Enterprises will help further develop our relationship with the Defence Digital team.”

Dean Taylor, CEO of VIMA Group
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