10 March 2016

News: VIMA encourages Bristol businesses to embrace Virtual Reality

At its meeting at the University of the West of England (UWE) last night, members of ‘The West of England Initiative’ were treated to an exclusive preview of VIMA’s incorporation of innovative new Virtual Reality (VR) technology to further enhance and add value to its service provision.

The Initiative, which was established by Business West, the UK’s largest independent business organisation representing and working with over 18,000 companies across the South West, enables the business community to positively influence the way the region is shaped, managed and developed.

VR is increasingly recognised for its value as a powerful educational tool; it adds a new and exciting dynamic element, making study more participative and interesting, whilst its flexibility means that there are clear advantages to employers, too, through savings in time and reductions in cost.

By providing the opportunity for employees to have realistic experiences of critical circumstances that they may otherwise not have yet had, VR can have a direct impact on management efficiency and productivity, leading to real improvements in business performance.

VIMA’s Managing Director, Dean Taylor, is excited about the impact that this significant new development will have:

The integration of Virtual Reality technology within our service provision will provide substantial benefits to our clients. VR has already been proven in a wide range of environments to provide precise, realistic simulations of what people might experience in their field of operation and as the best way to teach people how to do jobs that are complex or dangerous. VIMA has recognised the many advantages that VR can bring to its already highly respected training programmes for professional development and compliance and we are looking forward to engaging this exciting technology for the benefit of clients old and new .