12 July 2021

New People Manager for VIMA Group

We are delighted to announce that Anita Sawhney has joined us as People Manager.

Anita is an empathetic and approachable individual who believes in making a difference to people and forming positive memories for them. Anita likes to think outside the box, and her interests are in organisational culture, diversity and wellbeing – topics that are currently dominating the future of workplaces.     

Anita brings a mix of experience with her background in psychology and people management.  She has worked in both public and global private sector organisations of varying sizes. She enjoys working in the SME environment where she can get to know the people she supports. Most recently, Anita worked in a global software company where she supported culture and employee engagement initiatives.  

Upon joining VIMA Group, Anita commented that she is delighted to be part of an organisation that has a focus on people and culture.  

She enjoys being outdoors (but no cliff walks, please!) and trying out new recipes – although she is still mastering how, as a vegetarian, to please the palate of a meat-eating family (a work in progress)!  She also loves yoga.

Headshot Dean Taylor CEO

“As culture is key in all we do at VIMA, we have been searching for a People Manager who believes in our values and culture, with skills that will further enhance the careers of our team. I’m delighted we have found that individual. Anita joins us bringing a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors, with a professional, open and empathetic approach. Welcome Anita.”

Dean Taylor, CEO of VIMA Group
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