21 April 2022

New Junior Consultant for VIMA

We are thrilled to announce that Jay O’Connor has joined us as Junior Consultant.

Already familiar with the area as a Graduate of the University of Portsmouth, Jay is happy to return to Portsmouth. Having graduated first with a BA in International Development Studies and then with a Master’s in Crisis and Disaster Management. Jay has recently been working for the Ministry of Justice, Homeoffice and London Metropolitan Police in the field of facilities management. In this role, Jay became familiar with interacting directly with the customers in solving their issues 24hours a day 365 days a year. Making use of skills gained in his Master’s he has worked on analysing, developing and aiding in the training of Business Continuity plans.

Jay is eager to join VIMA group and move back to a city that feels like home. Jay has said, “I am excited to work for a company that values their employees and is committed to self-improvement and development of itself and its staff”.

In his leisure time, he enjoys sailing around Portsmouth and the Solent and is a passionate reader and amateur historian.

“Jay is a perfect addition to our talented group of young consultants. He already has critical experience within key organisations and is keen to learn and progress within a consultancy environment. He also has great taste in books!”

Samuel Crowder, Head of People & Organisational Development

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