7 November 2022

Meet 2022 VIMA Graduates & Apprentices

VIMA Group launched the 2022/2023 Graduate Scheme, with the new cohort of graduates joining the company in September 2022. These new graduate consultants are developed and trained through a blend of internal and accredited project management training, with swift integration into project teams offering an opportunity to gain real-life experience and add value immediately. All while being developed, coached and mentored by our team of expert consultants.

In addition to the Graduate Scheme, VIMA also offers an Apprenticeship Scheme. An apprenticeship is a paid job where the employee learns and gains valuable experience whilst working towards gaining nationally recognised qualifications. VIMA apprentices are currently engaged on a range of courses from Level 3 up to degree level qualifications, all linked to developing skills required by the business and supported by colleagues within a variety of project teams.

Developing and growing new talent through our Graduate and Apprenticeship Schemes is a vital part of our wider focus on Learning and Development here at VIMA. We are fortunate to have an incredibly bright and talented cohort of people launching their careers within a range of business areas, and we are looking forward to supporting them in their future career aspirations. Welcome to the team- we can’t wait to see what you achieve with VIMA!” – Gayle Wallace, Deputy Head of Learning & Development (L&D)

In this post, they will introduce themselves, so that you can get to know a bit about them and what they did before starting their journey at VIMA! 

James Penrose – Apprentice Consultant

James is a gregarious 19-year-old, looking to progress his career in Project Management Consultancy. Extremely accomplished in dealing with customers and always aiming to provide an exceptional service to the client, James is confident in managing larger orders from producing quotations and negotiating terms through to fulfilment and shipping. James is an exceptional team player both in commercial and sporting environments who has played rugby since the age of nine and has represented Hampshire Rugby since the age of 15. After completing his GCSEs, James spent four weeks in Uganda and Kenya with the Scouts association doing humanitarian work which was challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Georgie Daulton – Graduate Consultant

Georgie is a recent international business graduate from UWE Bristol. During her studies, Georgie completed an industrial placement in Taipei, Taiwan in an artificial intelligence and technology company. This experience involved tracking the analytics of the marketing department and developing a plan to increase the company’s social media performance. Identifying problems and creating solutions, first piqued her interest in consulting. Since leaving her placement, Georgie still takes Chinese lessons twice a week and hopes to become fluent in the future. In her spare time, she loves to go travelling and on walks back home with her twin sister and German Shepard, Barley.

Olivia Quinn – Apprentice Consultant

Olivia has great breadth of experience in communication with all age groups through her jobs working with young sixth form students, up to older clients in retail jobs. Having worked at HMS Sultan, she has been exposed to a military environment, teaching her about the rank structures and importance of key leadership positions within the Navy. It allowed her to learn effective communication, team management and coordination of tasks, along with time management by working alongside her A Level studies. Having achieved an A in A Level Mathematics & Statistics, Olivia has a skill in creating graphs and presenting mathematical data in an effective visual way, and she enjoys a mathematical challenge. In her spare time, Olivia likes to play flute and piano, as well as competing within her local netball team to keep active.

Sam Kaiser – Graduate Consultant

Sam joins VIMA after completing a degree in international Business and Economics from Aston University in Birmingham. Sam spent a year during university working to build his own business with a friend that sought to develop a financial literacy programme, aimed at 13–18 year olds. This experience has given Sam an appreciation of structured workloads and a desire to expand his business knowledge by working with a variety of clients and projects. The completion of two summer seasons in the UK and US, working as a high ropes instructor, provided Sam with the confidence to work with new people on projects that are initially out of his comfort zone. As well as this, it has allowed him to look towards the unknown as a opportunity rather than an obstacle to overcome.

In his spare time Sam enjoys playing volleyball and other sports, as well as attending as many concerts as possible.

Angus Douglas – Graduate Consultant

Angus has joined VIMA Group as a Graduate Consultant after gaining some early experience in the technology space focusing in marketing and public relations with small to medium sized enterprises. Here he supported them in their growth journey specialising in media relations, new business pitches and copywriting. Prior to this, Angus gained a degree in History from the University of Manchester where his dissertation focused on the marginalised histories of the Indian participation during the Second World War and the battles South Asian immigrants faced in a hostile post-war British society.

Vinnie O’Farrell – Apprentice Consultant

While studying at school and college, Vinnie gained lots of experience working within the hospitality industry. With years of customer service skills developed at a young age – he is keen to work in such a consumer based and people focused company. Whether it was at school, college or home, Vinnie has always made an extra effort to study, tear apart and understand computers from the inside out. At just 10 years old he started developing his own website from raw HTML. By 13 he was already planning on building his own PC. Vinnie is looking forward to further developing these skills throughout his apprenticeship and taking his first steps into the IT industry.

When not focusing on computers, Vinnie enjoys street skateboarding with his friends and walking his Whippet, Sparky.

Eve Matthews – Graduate Consultant

Eve has recently completed her master’s degree in Applied Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol; prior to this she attained a first-class undergraduate degree in Psychology. Her passion to study Psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level was a result of wanting to consider dimensions of society beyond her personal experience; she believes she has done this through various exams, coursework and three dissertations. During her postgraduate degree and prior to joining VIMA Group, Eve worked as a researcher for NHS Wales exploring various telehealth programmes and interventions. In this time, Eve took an interest in the changing landscape of Digital Transformations in the UK. Through her involvement in numerous programmes, Eve became enthusiastic about project delivery and consultancy.

Outside of work, Eve loves to spend time with her dog and friends, exploring new places to walk and travelling as much as she can. In addition to this, Eve has a passion for cooking (and eating) a variety of different foods and cuisines.

Charli Taylor – Graduate Consultant

Charli joins us after recently graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a first-class degree in BSc (hons) Criminology and Cybercrime. Throughout University, she took an active role as the course representative, working alongside the staff as a voice for the course. She was also selected to participate in a virtual exchange with a college in the US, debating issues surrounding policing. Throughout the summer of 2021, Charli volunteered at a charity in Portsmouth, who provide support for victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking. Charli’s interest surrounds people and psychology, which has led her to come to work for VIMA.

Abidul Islam – Apprentice Consultant

Abidul has recently joined VIMA as a Cyber Security Degree Apprentice. He has joined from college after his successful completion of a Level 3 BTEC in IT and is very keen to kickstart and progress his career in the broad but interesting field of Cyber. Abidul is a very hardworking individual who likes to get things done on time and wants to develop his skills with this new opportunity.

On starting with VIMA, he said “I am very excited to start working with VIMA, a company with friendly staff across the organisation who are always there for support. I am looking forward to helping VIMA as much as possible whilst also gaining new knowledge and broadening my skillset”.

Joe Edmonds – Graduate Consultant

Joe joins VIMA Group after graduating from the University of Exeter in 2019, where he studied psychology. Between leaving university and joining VIMA Group, Joe worked a variety of managerial roles with Tesco. At university, Joe focused on social psychology, specifically the influence of different approaches to gender diversity in male dominant industries (e.g., construction). Furthermore, the human component (The Human Factor) in cyber security systems has always interested him as the most vulnerable parts of a system are the individuals behind the computer. Outside of work, he is an avid runner, focusing on ultra-marathons and trail running. He is also studying a part-time Military History masters at the University of Birmingham.

Sara West – Graduate Consultant

Since graduating with a BA Hons in Business and Management, Sara has worked as recruitment consultant, where she developed strong client relationships. Her professional career has equipped her with many soft and hard skills, which she will be able to utilize and develop in her upcoming projects.

Sara has always had a strong involvement in social responsibility and charity, which she looks to continue whilst working at VIMA, for which she has some interesting ideas. Outside of work, Sara is a keen traveller and loves to immerse herself in new experiences. Since the pandemic she has developed her interested in fitness through gym, pilates and running. 

Kofi Wilkins – Apprentice Consultant

Kofi is embarking on the very beginning of his career with VIMA, and is thrilled to be joining the team at such an exciting time in the cyber security space.

Kofi has gained experience through freelance jobs involving software development and cloud infrastructure, which is an area in which he is keen to develop further through his apprenticeship training. In his spare time, Kofi likes to play games and watch films, and he also enjoys exploring the area of Bristol which he is still new to.

On his appointment, Kofi commented, “VIMA Group is a lovely organisation, and I am joining at an exciting time, there are many opportunities at this point in time and the accepting family atmosphere here is helping me excel”.