28 January 2022

Why we chose to work at VIMA

Written by VIMA Graduates 2021/2022

In our second blog post, we discuss the reasons that we chose to join VIMA as part of the graduate scheme

Melissa: Prior to finishing my degree at university, I chose to commence my career at VIMA Group on the new, exciting graduate scheme because the business provides exciting opportunities for progression alongside the encouragement to voice ideas. The core of the company is highly cultural focussed, which was indicated throughout the entirety of the assessment day, I loved how friendly, welcoming, inclusive, and genuinely happy the members of VIMA Group were to be working for VIMA and to be welcoming their first cohort of graduates onto the programme.

During my first term at VIMA Group, I feel as though I have grown more confident and ambitious as an individual, in addition to feeling comfortable within my working environment. I always look forward to the next day of work, as no day is the same and I thoroughly enjoy the area of work. The team on SDO Reset (my first client project), strive to push us out of our comfort zone, providing courses and further opportunities for development such as presenting in a comfortable, empowering environment where we are encouraged to push ourselves and learn from our mistakes. As a cohort of graduates, we are provided with support and the ability to procure a work-life balance. I am excited to see where the next few years at VIMA Group will take me.

Anna: I chose to work at VIMA Group because of the great company culture throughout the entire interview process, and since I have joined, I have been made to feel like a supported and well-valued member of the team. There is a huge variety of development opportunities and training courses to get involved with to further your personal development. I have recently completed the Management of Risk foundation course and am looking to start the practitioner course soon.

Additionally, VIMA Group actively promotes mental health and wellbeing support, there are loads of committees to get involved with, such as the Wellbeing Committee, Women in Defence and the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Committee. We have a Diversity & Inclusion week where everyone can talk on a chosen topic, which allows people to raise awareness for causes they feel passionate about.  

Alice: I chose to work at VIMA Group because, even during the application process, I got a sense of the company’s supportive culture, which values individuals and helps empower them to succeed. Everyone has been consistently welcoming and eager to ensure that the graduates have plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. Everyone is always very happy to take the time to teach me about their areas of expertise, discuss their role at the company, or just have a chat to get to know each other better. This has shown that VIMA’s values are at the core of the company’s culture.

Since starting at VIMA Group last September, I have already been given opportunities to get involved in activities that interest me, such as delivering a presentation as part of the company’s Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Week and joining the Wellbeing Committee. I have also been encouraged to follow my own interests; for example, I’m currently in the process of creating a company-wide public speaking initiative to help people overcome their fears of it and become more confident, which is something that I really care about. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to develop this internal project alongside my client work and that I have been empowered and supported to do so.

Josh: After having applied to VIMA Group, what the company stood for and practised immediately began to shine through. Throughout the recruitment phase, I was regularly updated and contacted by both phone and email to guide me through the next steps and answer any questions I may have on both the process, the company, and the work they do, the people-centred approach really shined through.

This coupled with what looked like a great graduate scheme that allowed for flexible development and learning with both our own industry experts and accredited training courses, partnered alongside supported placements made VIMA the standout company. So far, it has proved to be an extremely supportive environment that produces quality work and a company that I am proud to work for.

Ed: I could gauge that VIMA Group was an attractive company to work for all the way from the initial call in the application process through to the assessment day. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive since joining VIMA, and it’s been great to see the variety of committees that VIMA has that supports real world problems and how we can do better as a community and at work in topics such as diversity, equality & inclusion.

Throughout my short time at VIMA, I have been given a large number of opportunities to help me develop my own interests within project management, and VIMA has provided me with outstanding accredited training. This, together with an excellent company culture that strives for continuous professional development, collaboration, and a great work-life balance, has created an excellent graduate scheme for graduates looking to kick-start their career in project management.

Calan: I chose to work at VIMA Group on the graduate scheme because it looked like an exciting digital transformation company operating in the defence industry. From the outset, it was clear that they were true to the core company values, putting people first whilst supporting the development of individuals. Speaking to the head of recruitment at my university careers fair, I could see that the graduate scheme was a perfect fit with my previous experience and a role where I could grow and develop my skills.

During my short time at VIMA Group, I have learned much more than I thought I would by having weekly training sessions based around project management, combined with being involved in client-facing defence projects and having support available to ask questions. It is a very welcoming company and provides an excellent work-life balance with many company benefits. I look forward to continuing my career in project management and consultancy with VIMA in the future.