26 November 2019

Embracing Change – Part 2 The Winning Formula for Change is out now!

Join VIMA Senior Consultant, Steve Martinez, for the second episode of this two-part series about change management. If you missed part one of this mini-series, catch up here! In this second part, “The Winning Formula for Change”, Steve will provide some simple techniques to help you improve the implementation of change within your team or organisation and start reaping its benefits.

Whatever the size of your organisation and whether your organisation is about to undergo small scale process changes or embarking on wholesale business transformation, success in implementing that change depends on some key factors, which Steve explores in this episode.

For example, communication is a crucial part of the planning stage – get this right and the path to change will be a great deal more straightforward. Get it wrong and you could find yourself struggling or at best delayed by a quagmire of individual attitudes and influence. Steve examines what is often behind these attitudes – fear and uncertainty – and gives top tips on how to tackle these issues head on.

Head over to the podcast now and listen!


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