5 August 2021

Does your IT Network Room look like this?

Written by Paul Ceaser

Switchboard panel with chaotic mess cables connections, Chaos I

Messy IT Network Room

We have all seen the dreaded IT equipment and patching IT Network Rooms “horror pictures”. I can see you all aghast with the shock and embarrassment of seeing them while shaking your heads in sheer disappointment.  Your infrastructure would never, ever look like this!  But does yours, and how sure are you that it doesn’t? 

The adage of “if the eye doesn’t see, doesn’t really matter” can easily spring to mind. Does it really matter, though?  If your answer is ‘no’, then you should be worried for a myriad of reasons – compliance, integrity, cyber assurance, and safety reasons.   

When was the last time you took time to pop your head around your IT Infrastructure rooms to take a look at your business-critical infrastructure? Assessing and documenting your findings and acting against what you find? Equally, how confident are you that, while your annual spend on software and its support grow is your infrastructure supporting your systems installed and compliant, the infrastructure supporting your systems is installed and compliant with industry standards?

Why? Just because all this equipment is located within a supposed closed and secure door, or even a managed data centre, it doesn’t prevent you from undertaking an assessment to assure the integrity and compliance of your precious IT assets that, after all, are the mainstay to continuity and keeping your business afloat, while remaining cyber assured on many levels.

We specialise in such ‘Cyber Assurance’ consultancy and engineering support, which is a key fundamental component of Cyber Security for managing, controlling, and securing ICT systems and infrastructure. 

Within the 6-layer Cyber-Space model (shown left) VIMA primarily examines, explores, and audits the ‘Real’ and ‘Network’ layers in the picture for regulatory compliance purposes. And there are many more facets going up the stack. 

We focus on the following six cyber assurance objectives through cyber assurance through inspection, auditing, compliance, and assuring:

Availability – Flexibility – Economy – Confidentiality – Integrity – Resilience

So, if your answer to ‘but does it really matter?’ is ‘yes’, and you have a niggling doubt that it’s been a while since you undertook or have never undertaken, a complete cyber assurance audit, why not get in touch with us. We can help you inspect, assess and support remediate such issues, and gain certification demonstrating your infrastructure and services are compliant with, and assured to, industry standards.

Ask Paul about how we can help you demonstrate that your infrastructure and services are compliant with and assured to industry standards.