10 February 2020

Digital Transformation Forum February 2020

Last week VIMA COO, Graham Joyce alongside Consultants, Ryan Parry and Steve Martinez attended a Tech UK event on “Bringing Success to Digital Transformation.” The forum recognised the complexity of these programmes and the trend of large organisations overspending and not achieving the expected benefit. The headline speaker was Simon McKinnon (pictured) who is leading the Digital Transformation for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

The team were really interested to hear about other large government departments and the challenges being faced: transforming their services whilst not impacting the day-to-day lives of millions of people is mind boggling. DWP has over 20M users, 380 locations across the country, and IT systems ranging from the very modern to some dating back to the 70s!

One of the guiding principles communicated, which really resonated, was putting the end user at the centre of every change they make as opposed to what works best internally for them. Service Users care very little about departmental structures, policy governance and operational convenience inside the DWP, and yet this is how they have traditionally structured their offerings. This applies to many business changes / transformations, but is so easily forgotten.

Do you focus on targeting the right benefits within your change programmes?