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Agile in a traditional waterfall organisation
Agile delivery methodologies are no longer new. However, for organisations seeking to implement Agile at the enterprise level or within…
In conversation with the VIMA Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Committee
In our third blog post, we spoke to Andrea Thresh, Committee manager of the VIMA DE&I Committee, to learn more about…
Why we chose to work at VIMA
In our second blog post, we discuss the reasons that we chose to join VIMA as part of the graduate scheme…
If only you could remember everything you have learned
You have attended your last lesson, you have had your last practice, or perhaps you’ve had that final cramming session.…
Risk Management - Businessman hand Stopping Falling wooden Blocks or Dominoes.
Risk is not a 4-letter word
The recent pandemic has changed our perceptions about a number of things. As individuals and organisations, many have been recalibrated…
Diversity And Inclusion. Business Employment Leadership. People Silhouettes
How Inclusive Language creates belonging in our Workplace?
Here at VIMA we are big advocates of an open environment. We can share our thoughts, observations, and personalities without…
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How should you assess your Infrastructure for Cyber Assurance?
Following on from our last blog on “Does your IT Cabinet/Network Room look like this” this post will alleviate any…
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Does your IT Network Room look like this?
We have all seen the dreaded IT equipment and patching IT Network Rooms “horror pictures”. I can see you all…