Tailored digital transformation

We deliver complex digital transformation through developing our clients’ internal capabilities and by tailored learning solutions, across the Secure and Public sectors.

Our capabilities are developed through a detailed knowledge of public sector and secure environments. We understand your motivators and issues, as well as the constant need to meet current and future requirements. That’s how we deliver real value.
We specialise in delivering
  • P3M & Project Controls

    We provide clients with expert knowledge on project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) methodologies, as well as support to put these into practice within your organisation. 

    We will work with you from P3M inception and strategic planning through to delivery and benefit realisation. If needed, we’ll also use our expertise to establish and implement Programme Management Offices to shape and enact effective governance. Our independent teams provide you with an appropriate mix of assurance and advice as well as hands-on delivery, and we always adapt to suit your environment.

    Our services encompass everything required to initiate, implement, deliver and assess all aspects of P3M. We will:

    • Put P3M and Project Controls methodologies into practice.
    • Design, optimise and implement PMO and control frameworks.
    • Apply specialist schedule, risk and cost management.
    • Deliver quality and configuration management.
    • Implement stakeholder and communications management.
    • Design, optimise and implement governance and performance reporting (including Earned Value Management).
    • Provide forensic project management and maturity assessment.
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  • Cyber Assurance

    Our cyber assurance consultant engineers supply a wide range of technical SME support, consultancy and assurance services. We work in cyber security environments in UK Government departments, including Above Secret level systems.

    We can work on clients’ premises in the UK or overseas, remotely via secure access methods, or via direct/indirect collaboration with approved third-party suppliers. We always follow up with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.  

    We’ll also leave you with a real knowledge legacy, with bespoke training and upskilling of your team. Our cyber assurance expertise can:

    • Produce bespoke ICT infrastructure configuration control policies, ICT infrastructure governance and best practice guides.
    • Ensure, through audit and inspection, that client ICT Infrastructure installations meet Government Cyber Assurance, British Standards and legal statutes by applying IET Cyber CoPs, MOD JSPs 440, 604, NATO SDIP-29/2, Electrical Regs and professional best practice guidelines.
    • Undertake independent technical assessment of the design architecture to ensure that it is functionally correct, meets operational and security requirements, and provides value for money.
    • Follow baseline audit activity to produce comprehensive drawing packs for all installed ICT equipment. This can include rack face, room and building layouts, cable routes, building entry points, and external duct routes.
    • Undertake ICT baselining and health checking to assure availability, compliance and safety, then produce the corresponding comprehensive report with any necessary remediation plans
    • Advise on legacy and potential security vulnerabilities, potential safety issues and non-compliances, from Official to Above Secret NERs.
    • Analyse client infrastructure to ensure cyber defence security measures meet CNI Cyber Regulations.
    • Provide accredited training and ongoing support for in-house staff to ensure ongoing compliance and control.
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  • Data Management

    We provide our clients with the plans and tools needed to unearth meaningful insights from data – and turn those into competitive advantages. Our data analytics consultants will help you interpret data to provide advanced insights that deliver real business impact.

    We deliver dynamic business intelligence that people can trust. Our predictive models show future scenario options, forecast the outcomes, and demonstrate how best to drive your organisation forward.

    Our data management expertise will:

    • Provide you with the strategies and tools to unearth meaningful insights from data and transform them into a competitive advantage.
    • Help you interpret and leverage data for advanced insights for real business impact
    • Deliver business intelligence to inform your organisation.
    • Use predictive models for forecasting, advice and to demonstrate potential scenarios.
    • Ensure that your data is relevant, complete, accurate, meaningful and actionable.
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  • Learning & Development

    We offer our clients practical learning and development, delivered by our team of qualified and experienced expert consultants. All the learning and development we deliver is tailored to meet your organisation’s exact needs.

    At IMD, we understand the complexity of the challenges faced by our clients, and very often traditional methods don’t provide all the answers. This is why we always work with our clients to identify root causes, and never simply address the superficial warning signs. By looking deeper, we make sure that we can put real long-term solutions into place.

    Our learning and development support will:

    • Make sure the right suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) are engaged to work with your organisation.
    • Focus on upskilling your team to provide the capabilities and knowledge essential for real business value.
    • Offer a range of learning and development options, including professional accredited training courses, bespoke, targeted training and embedded coaching and mentoring.
    • Deliver current best practice processes and methodologies, which keep pace with the changing environment.
    • Engage and motivate your team, and create an environment that allows employees to deliver meaningful business impact.
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  • Business Analysis

    Sustainable business change starts with your people. We empower your team with the right blend of skills and expertise to make a success of every project – and beyond.

    We work in collaboration with our clients to understand the needs of the business through a tailored approach to elicitation and capture, helping clients create transformations and solutions that deliver value to the business.

    Our Business Analysis expertise can:

    • Structure, define and plan your business transformation journey.
    • Identify and measure ongoing benefits.
    • Undertake business analysis and manage the requirements.
    • Establish a positive culture for sustainable change.
    • Review organisational design and define your Target Operating Model.
    • Support the planning and delivery of migration activities.
    • Upskill and coach change agents for new ways of working.
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  • Procurement Support

    IMD’s experience in cost and market analysis provides critical insight when it comes to designing the most beneficial procurement strategies for our clients. This is the foundation of successful procurement management.

    By delivering excellence in procurement support, we help our clients achieve more cost-effective outcomes from their supply chains.

    Our implementation-focused consultants will then plan, manage and deliver an efficient procurement process for your organisation. By delivering procurement excellence we will drive operational efficiency, cost reductions and financial results.

    Our procurement specialists will:

    • Advise on public sector procurement process and best practice.
    • Supply strategic and delivery support to competitive tenders and supplier engagements.
    • Offer negotiation support in competitive and collaborative delivery environments.
    • Support in an ISO44001 advisory and compliance capacity.
    • Provide bid preparation and management.
    • Manage contracts on your behalf.
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We want to humanise the process of business transformation. Our expert consultants build real collaborations that deliver real results.

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No matter the client. No matter the challenge. Here at VIMA Group, we appreciate that it takes transformed people to genuinely transform businesses.

‘’We very much enjoyed working with VIMA, and have consequently collaborated with them on other opportunities, which demonstrates our confidence in their skills and abilities. The MOD was extremely pleased with the outcome of the ELCOM project, which was delivered on time, under budget and to a very high standard.”

“VIMA Group has helped us with our PPM maturity. Using their maturity assessment model, the consultants honed into the material opportunities for improvement and provided recommendations.”

“VIMA Group’s understanding of Defence meant that the team immediately grasped the complexity of the problems faced as a result of transitioning to a new style of IT.”

We work with our clients to align the organisation with its business strategy and vision. We do this by providing the right people with the right blend of talents, expertise and essential soft skills.
We’ll provide your organisation with the specialist support you need throughout a project lifecycle -and beyond. Our dedicated VIMA consultants will work with your team to advise, support and guide them, every step of the way.
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