We are powered by brilliant people

Our truly dedicated and passionate team is what makes us, us. No ego. No passengers. No robots. Just real people, delivering real change.

People power change
People need to be at the heart of change. It’s not always easy to embrace change, and it’s natural to fear the unknown. At VIMA Group, we make it our mission to break down barriers to change. How do we do this? We put people first.
  • Integrity
    Always, and in everything. We are transparent and honest with our clients and within our own and others’ teams. Our consultants work with the utmost discretion – we are dependable, without exception.
  • Respect
    Everyone is welcome to bring their own skills and experience to the table; and everyone else appreciates these unique perspectives.
  • Collaboration
    Teams are stronger when they pool collective skills and work together. This blend of experiences is often an organisation’s greatest asset. We always collaborate, helping the parts create the greatest sum.
  • Enjoyment
    To encourage people to share your journey, they have to enjoy the ride. The more rewarding the experience, the more successful the outcome. Our enjoyment is infectious. Our motivated and competent consultants will create positivity in your team.
  • Learning
    We address the threats posed to network and information systems. We ensure appropriate organisational structures, policies & processes are in place to understand.
Our leadership team recognises that people are our most important asset. We are driven by the pursuit of excellence with a huge desire to succeed.
Dean Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Graham Joyce
Chief Operations Officer
Jennifer Cloke
Finance Director
Dom Eade
Chief Commercial Officer
It is all about shared expertise
You know what your organisation needs, and we can empower you to reach your goals.
We will bring in the right specialist consultants at the right times, to make the most of your team’s unique insights and knowledge. If things change during our collaboration, we can adapt: our approach is pragmatic and always individually tailored.
We are invested in your success
We don’t just drop in, deliver advice, then leave. VIMA’s experts will work alongside your team for the duration.
We guide, mentor and develop, and really get to know your people. We won’t leave until we know you’re satisfied with the results, and we’ll always de-risk our exit by giving your people the tools to succeed. Without us. That’s our mark of success.