2 December 2021

VIMA welcome new Junior Specialist

We are pleased to welcome Tiegan King as Junior Specialist.

Having graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design this year, Tiegan has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in many design aspects throughout her degree. During her time at Chelsea, she worked on editorial and videography projects that explored topics such as sustainability within fashion, cyber security personal awareness and concluded her studies by designing a publication analysing the importance of human social interaction. Alongside university, she worked within a retail environment seconding a visual merchandiser of a multinational sportswear company.

Tiegan has also driven her individual pursuit as a graphic designer with her involvement in the preparation and design for public, corporate communication across different media; taking on design commissions of all distinct kinds, from branding jobs including logo design to preparation for digital marketing on company websites and social media platforms.

Upon joining us, Tiegan said, “I feel so lucky to join a company where you’re just surrounded by people who want the best for you. Every single person I have been introduced to has been so lovely and values the contribution of every single person on the team. It’s an exciting prospect to start a career where you are facilitated to progress and encouraged to learn something every day.”

Outside of work, Tiegan enjoys being by the beach, spending time with her dog Bagel and visiting Art exhibitions.

“It’s great to welcome another high caliber apprentice to IMD Group. Teigen will be able to apply her graphics and publication skills to help our clients communicate their critical and often complex messages clearly and concisely. I can’t wait to see what she can produce.“

Samuel Crowder, Head of People & Organisational Development

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