15 May 2020

Shaping the future post COVID-19

Will you seize the opportunity to transform your organisation as the shock of Covid-19 subsides?

At VIMA Group we have joined forces with MBSL to support leaders in organisations as the business world emerges from the “shock” phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is our shared belief that there are huge opportunities to shape a better future for many organisations, their people and their customers.

In order to be most helpful, it is important to gauge the appetite for this and in which areas there is most energy.  We have put together a straightforward questionnaire (just eight mouse clicks) for this purpose.  We would really value your input and we will share back the aggregate results with you.

VIMA and MBSL are committed to doing all we can to help leaders take this opportunity to create a better future for their organisations, their people, as well as themselves, our society and UK PLC.  Will you join us?

Complete the questionnaire here

We look forward to hearing from you – thanks in anticipation!