22 February 2022

VIMA Group welcomes new consultant

Jake Schouten

We are delighted to announce that Jake Schouten has joined VIMA as a Consultant.

Jake has joined VIMA as a consultant. He has had a diverse career working in a variety of different roles, gaining unique experiences and skills in each. Having started his career in the prison service as an administrator on the offender management unit, he then went on to work in recruitment for 3 years with Hays. After this, he spent the next 6 years honing his project delivery skills working in Capita as a PMO analyst and then project manager. Jake is a passionate people person and enjoys working in a collaborative fashion.

On his appointment, Jake commented that: “I am thrilled to be starting with VIMA group, it feels like the perfect time to join and help grow the business. Everyone I have spoken to so far has been very friendly. The focus on people and development is both refreshing and exciting”.

Outside of work, Jake takes part in a variety of sports and outdoor activities. He trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is currently a blue belt. In addition to this, he also likes a challenge and has competed in Spartan races as well as other events.

“Jake’s career is an excellent example of the twists and turns that life takes to make a great project manager. At the same time as bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas to VIMA Jake is in a great position to benefit from the projects and experience that we can provide. It’s a win-win.”

Samuel Crowder, Head of People & Organisational Development

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