Support to a mobile, high-capacity communications network

Our project management consultants facilitated upskilling within the team through coaching and mentoring.
Our project management consultants facilitated upskilling within the team through coaching and mentoring. VIMA also produced a Project Controls Start-Up Guide for new-in-post project managers. These best practices were implemented within the MOD team and throughout the department.
A government department required support to run the concept phase, and to secure Initial Gate Business Case (IGBC) approval for a £400M, high-capacity communications network.
Success would move the project onto the assessment phase.
To enable the project to reach this phase, our consultants needed to establish project controls and provide skills training support for the team, as well as provide specialist commercial advice.
The Electrical Compliancy (El Com) project team was established to develop a through-life approach to electrical cabinet certification
  • Overview

    VIMA worked collaboratively alongside the project team and provided the following support below.

  • Resource Management Strategy

    Produced the project’s Resource Management Strategy and Plan.

  • Created the project schedule

    Created the project schedule and facilitated monthly schedule reviews, and created a “model schedule template”.

  • Facilitated risk, issue, assumption and dependency reviews

    Facilitated monthly risk, issue, assumption and dependency reviews and maintained the associated registers and plans. Performed schedule risk analysis on critical path activities. 

  • Engaged with the Government’s community

    Engaged with the Government’s Scrutiny and Assurance community to obtain buy-in to Initial Gate Business Case (IGBC) approvals strategy and route to IGBC. 

  • Multi-agency stakeholder engagement

    Worked with the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury and Government Digital Services departments to understand the external controls applicable to the project.  We also engaged with the wider department community to understand cross-project dependencies and assumptions. 

  • Developed costed and evidenced options

    Developed costed and evidenced options to present at Initial Gate, as well as a cost model and a defined and credible set of acquisition options.

People need to be at the heart of change. It’s not always easy to embrace change, and it’s natural to fear the unknown.

The IGBC was successfully approved, and the project moved onto the assessment phase.
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