Our capabilities have been developed and honed through our extensive experience working within the public and secure sectors. We’re here to share this knowledge with our clients.
  • P3M & Project Controls
    We provide clients with expert knowledge on project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) methodologies, as well as support to put these into practice within your organisation.
  • Cyber Resilience
    We provide clients with expert knowledge on cyber resilience and how security measures can effectively enable successful business outcomes.
  • Data Management
    We provide our clients with the plans and tools needed to unearth meaningful insights from data – and turn those into competitive advantages.
  • Learning and Development
    We offer our clients practical learning and development, delivered by our team of qualified and experienced expert consultants.
  • Business Analysis
    Sustainable business change starts with your people. We empower your team with the right blend of skills and expertise to make a success of every project – and beyond.
  • Procurement Support
    VIMA’s experience in cost and market analysis provides critical insight when it comes to designing the most beneficial procurement strategies for our clients.
No matter the client. No matter the challenge. Here at VIMA Group, we appreciate that it takes transformed people to genuinely transform businesses.

‘’We very much enjoyed working with VIMA, and have consequently collaborated with them on other opportunities, which demonstrates our confidence in their skills and abilities. The MOD was extremely pleased with the outcome of the ELCOM project, which was delivered on time, under budget and to a very high standard.”

“VIMA Group has helped us with our PPM maturity. Using their maturity assessment model, the consultants honed into the material opportunities for improvement and provided recommendations.”

“VIMA Group’s understanding of Defence meant that the team immediately grasped the complexity of the problems faced as a result of transitioning to a new style of IT.”

Our truly dedicated team is what makes us, us. We find the most motivated, multi-skilled and engaging consultants to join our journey. Is this you?